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- About Lydia Riley -

Lydia was saved at an early age and desired for her life to be used of the Lord in ministry. She married in God's perfect will to a young man called to preach.  Her marriage bliss was sadly short-lived when just 6 years later, she found her heart shattered and the dreams and desires of her heart seemed to lay in broken shards about her feet.  Due to circumstances beyond her control, she was alone with four precious little children to raise on her own (from soon-to-be-born to five years old). Feeling overwhelmed and broken-hearted, she begged the Lord for a double portion of wisdom and determined to remain faithful to raise her children on the altars of her very loved church - Pleasant View Baptist Church. (Psalm 84:1-7) During the days that followed, she watched the Lord literally provide a home for her children and herself and it was there that she penned the heartfelt words to the song that she considers her life-testimony "Beauty From Brokenness."  The words brought comfort and strength.  The song was a hope, a promise, a "scarlet thread" for her to cling to. Over 22 years have passed since this song was written and Lydia has written many other songs during the years prior and since.  She has truly seen the Lord fulfill Beauty from Brokenness in her life and in her now-grown children. Her adult children kneel to pray at the very same altars that saw her tears. They faithfully serve and minister in song with her at every church service.


The Lord impressed on Lydia's heart that it is now time to share her music with God's people. She hopes and prays that these songs will be a blessing and inspiration and be used of the Lord to strengthen and give hope to others who might be broken or hurting.  It is her desire that the church be edified with her songs and that her music be used in worship services to glorify the Lord with "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs." 

Lydia is also excited to see what the Lord is doing with her Children's Series of Character-Building Stories "Jolley Tales!"  Please support this special ministry with the products currently available and pass the word around to all Children's Ministries and Mothers!  

"Through Life's seasons, I have found the Lord to be all I truly need.  I desire for my life to end as a beautiful song written by the Lord Himself.  As the Master Musician, I know He composes in major and minor keys, but can work every score in harmony to His will." ~ Lydia L. Riley 

- About the Riley Family -

Lydia and her children have faithfully served in the many ministries of Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, SC (thirty years for Lydia and their entire lives for each of her children.) The Riley's have had the honor of serving under the leadership of three beloved Pastors -- Pastor Larry K. Raynes, Pastor Stacey Shiflett, and Pastor Bill South.  Each child received the Lord as their personal Saviour and throughout their childhood years, they began at a very early age to be used in ministry, including special singing, harp music, bus ministry, Christian School teaching/preaching, Nursing Home ministry, and every outreach made available to their family.


As young adults, Lydia's children, along with herself, provide piano music for all services, special singing, and serve an active role in music ministry. Her sons also serve in media/sound, and her daughters work in children's ministries of the church including Sunday School and Church Library.  







Cherith, age 27, has taught and been director of Fine Arts at Tabernacle Christian School in Greenville, SC for the past 9 years.  She is a talented musician and regularly plays piano and harp for weddings and special events.  She provides female tenor and beautiful piano accompaniment for her family and several church singing groups.  She is an entrepreneur with a well-loved side sales business called Corner Street Finds and enjoys drives in her classic red VW bug.  Cherith is engaged to Spencer Shiflett and looks forward to their wedding in the Fall of 2023.  She will be moving to minister with him and his family in Baltimore, MD.


David, age 26, is an IFR pilot, continuing his training with the desire to be used for future flight ministry. As prior owner of Southern Cuts Construction, he has provided remodels and construction throughout the upstate of SC.  He is a gifted pianist and enjoyed serving a summer on tour with the men's singing group while at Golden State Baptist College.  He provides male tenor or bass in the church men's group and with his family as well.  David is an active airman and also serves in the SC Air Guard.  He recently was promoted to Senior Airman and has recently accepted a full-time position as an AMP on the Air Force Base in Columbia SC. He commutes weekends between his home there and his family home in Greenville, SC, while continuing his personal training to become a Flight Instructor.


Bethany, age 24, is a recent graduate of Bob Jones University and currently works in a private Law Firm near her home in Historic Greenville.  She has been the beautiful alto voice in her family since a small child and is also a gifted pianist, serving on "Second Piano" with Cherith or her mother for every church service. Bethany loves to crochet handmade gifts for others. She is an avid reader and history buff. She has made her church library into a wonderful place for children of all ages to get lost in the pages of a good book.  She is a blessing to all who know her and invests into the lives of others, sharing Christ's love and biblical encouragement.


Hebron, age 22, is the baby of the family. It has been a special joy to see the faithfulness of His Heavenly Father as he has grown into the young man he is today. Hebron sings lead or male tenor with his family and is a faithful man in his church. He works in the church sound/media booth, on the security team, and is a church usher.  He has a servant's heart, seeing and meeting needs that others might never identify. He has been self-employed since his teen years in Landscape/Hardscape and also recetly completed his training with the SC Criminal Justice Academy.  He planned to serve as a Law Enforcement Officer, but yielded his personal will to the Lord after a time of prayer and intense seeking.  He currently works with a successful business owner in our church who loves the Lord above all else. It has been a blessing to see Hebron give up his own dreams and ambitions this past year to obey the Lord's call in his life, whatever that might look like.

It is a joy for Lydia to see the faithfulness of her Heavenly Father and the many prayers He has answered in giving her the desires of her heart for her family to be used of the Lord in His service. It is the desire of this family to be a blessing to God's children through the songs they share and to be an example and encouragement of godliness in this present day. 


Psalm 144:12  “That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:”

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