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Lydia’s passion and highest calling is being a mother.  She lovingly refers to her four children as her “treasures.” Watching the Lord work and seeing what He is doing with Jolley Tales, her Character-Building Children's  Stories, makes her especially excited!

Her children grew up with these endearing tales and loved hearing a new story about Holly, Molly, Polly, Dolly, and Jolley nearly every day!  Late one night, once her little ones were asleep, it was as if the Lord spoke to her heart that she must get up and write a series of children's books about this mouse family that she used so often to help her children grow in  needed Biblical character traits.  She could not go back to sleep until the entire series was written -- this was 20 years ago.


Try as she might through the years of busy motherhood, she could never seem to connect with an illustrator.  In 2021, through a series of events and providentially led conversations, God miraculously led her to award-winning Artist and Illustrator - Lynda Slattery!  Lynda is also a mother and was able to capture the very characters, as if pulling them from Lydia's heart, and sketch them into existence.  Lynda's watercolors are heart-touching with their sweet and innocent charm. Lynda and Lydia are working to get all six stories fully illustrated for publishing.  It is a special joy to offer the very first in this series -- Jolley's Tail, A Lesson in Obedience -- First made available in 2021 as a Story Card Version for Children's Ministries, Now Jolley's Tail is also available as a "Take-Anywhere" Paperback Book AND the Story Cards are in Spanish, Portuguese, and soon to be French -- traveling in mini-book size around the globe as a means of evangelism to reach children and their families with the love of Jesus Christ!

Lydia is so honored to share Jolley Tales Books with you and in addition, she continues partnering with Antioch  Printing Ministry to keep these stories available as Free Missions Teacher’s Resources for ministries around the world.

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Check out our Latest Products, "Meet the Mice" and so much more!

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Please Support Us

Spanish, Portuguese, and (Soon-to-Come) French translations have allowed Jolley to travel to the children of South America, Africa, Brazil, Alaska, and the Philippine Islands.     Your gift allows us to reach thousands of children with the gospel and impact multitudes of homes for   

our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Antioch Baptist Church began their printing ministry in 1990 under the direction of Dr. Ronald Young.      


Today, the ministry continues to thrive under the vision and direction of his son, Pastor David Young.  This amazing congregation of less than 100 faithfully volunteer on    Saturdays to print, cut, fold, and   assemble tracts, booklets, and gospel literature to share the Word of God around the world. 


Between 3-5 MILLION pieces are printed and distributed free of charge each year!


Please Send PRINTING Donations To:   antioch Printing Ministry

      PO Box 781     

harlem, GA 30814

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