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With My Song

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Do you hear the personal passion in this passage of Scripture?!! The LORD is MY strength and MY shield – MY heart trusted in him and I am helped; therefore MY heart greatly rejoiceth; and with MY song will I praise him!
Seven times the Psalmist uses either “my” or “I’ in this one verse (*the number of completion.*) Not six times representing fleshly pride or the number of man – but seven times – I believe representing a heart completely and wholly given to this testimony of adoration for the Lord and showing just how perfectly personal this amazing Saviour is in the Psalmist’s life! So much truth and encouragement is packed into this one sentence!
Look at this PERSONAL SAVIOUR – my heart trusted in Him! I am helped!
The moment I first trusted for salvation, He rescued me! My Saviour continues to help me; I continue to trust Him! A PAST-TENSE SURENESS (my heart trusted) with a PRESENT SOLUTION (and I am helped)!
This verse also shows His POWERFUL STRENGTH – “The Lord is my strength” and that He is my PROTECTING SOVEREIGN – “and my shield;”
He shields me, He protects me from harm. Nothing can penetrate me, nothing can pierce me that does not go through HIM first – HE is my Shield. “Therefore” … because of all of this – my heart greatly rejoiceth!! And with my song will I praise Him!

I have a PRAISING SONG~ He is worthy of my praise!
He is worthy of my adoration! He is worthy of my love and my service! Not only will I just rejoice – I will greatly rejoice! With my personal song – I will praise HIM!!

This is more than a desire -- this is a declaration, this is a decision, this is deliberate – “with my song will I praise him.”

Will you also join the Psalmist’s “choir”?! Are you ready to praise Him with YOUR song?!

I pray that these devotional thoughts written specifically for ladies will be an encouragement to your heart ... May the Lord bless each one of you as you love and serve Him ~ Lydia

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