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Holly's Hobby, A Lesson In Kindness, is the second of six books in the delightful Jolley Tales Children's Series.

Holly is the oldest sister and very caring and responsible. She has an interesting "hobby" that makes a difference for so many of the small animals of the forest. Her family often bring the injured to her little "hospital" where she often nurses sick and wounded creatures.

When her littlest sister finds a helpless butterfly who cannot fly, can Holly make it back into the woods in time to help? Will her extraordinary plan really work? Holly leads the way in this endearing tale of kindness, family ingenuity, and true friendship when needed most.

Written for "kids of all ages," you're invited to enjoy the antics of this adorable mouse family with everyone you hold dear.

Children around the world are falling in love with these charming characters -- explore the world of Jolley Tales to see why!

Jolley's Tail, A Lesson in Obedience is the first book in the delightful Jolley Tales Children's series -- Holly's Hobby, A Lesson In Kindness, is the second book published and has the same warmth and endearment! Written by Lydia Riley and beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Lynda Slattery, this loving little family is sure to capture your heart!

Each book is dedicated to helping children discover the value of a specific character trait while featuring each little mouse in the family. Meet the mice and more as the adventure continues at

Holly’s Hobby, A Lesson In Kindness PAPERBACK BOOK

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