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Now available in paperback format! $9.50


I can also give a sizable author discount for bulk orders if church/school ministries are interested in gifting, fundraising, or resell in bookstores

Jolley's Tail: A Lesson in Obedience PAPERBACK BOOK

  • Jolley is a mischievous little mouse with hair askew and wearing bib overalls. Will the cost be too great when he embarks on his big adventure and is faced with a moment of strong temptation? Join Jolley and his sisters on this endearing character-building journey as Jolley learns the importance of obedience.

    Jolley's Tail, A Lesson in Obedience, is the first book in the delightful Jolley Tales Children's Series.

    Jolley Tale Stories are written by Lydia Riley and beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Lynda Slattery, each book is dedicated to helping children discover the value of a specific charater trait.

    Written for "kids of all ages," you're invited to enjoy the antics of this adorable mouse family with everyone you hold dear!


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