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We know beyond a shadow of a doubt of God’s faithfulness to us. What of our faithfulness to Him? Do we make promises to God that we have no intention of keeping? Do we step back from biblical standards we have been taught in order to fit in with the world’s standards? The list can go on and on. We hope that this devotional encourages you to step away from the cares of the world and be challenged to thank God for His unending faithfulness to you and remember your decision to faithfully serve Him. At the end of each devotional is a place to take notes and add daily prayer requests and blessings. *(Lydia is one of the contributing writers for and your heart will be challenged and inspired by the many women who contribute to this devotional book including pastor's wives, missionary wives, faithful lay people, preacher's daughters, etc!  You will be touched by what they share!)

The Highly Favoured Life Devotional: Faithfulness

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