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Meet Lydia & Family 

Lydia Riley has been blessing churches with original music for over 30 years.  Her four children began singing with her at a very early age and as young adults continue to add beautiful harmony to her original works! 

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So Excited to Share!
The Riley Family Album is now Available!
Get your own CD or Digital Download! 


It's Here!  Seasons of Life Music Book!

This music book features 21 original songs and is the culmination of much prayer and planning while representing many years of song-writing & piano arrangements. 


*These songs are perfect for worship and reflection and suitable to learn for church solos, group ensembles, and choir specials.


**Also included are Scripture Songs from KJV set to music originally written for Christian School Chapel services and classroom chorus singing.  These particular songs are a wonderful way to memorize helpful Bible verses! 


*** All 21 songs are given for the church to be edified and the saints to be encouraged with solid Christ-honoring music. 

FREE CD WITH EACH MUSIC BOOK! ($35 total value!)

Featured Products

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The first in the series, Jolley's Tail, A Lesson In Obedience, is now available as a BOOK in Fun Paperback Version!


Jolley Tales Stories are written by Lydia and beautifully illustrated by Lynda Slattery -- This little mouse family is sure to capture your heart AND each story teaches an important Bible lesson and character trait!

(The original Story Card Format for Children's Ministries are traveling around the world in English, Spanish, And Portuguese and are perfect for Family Devotions, VBS, Sunday School, and Children's Ministry Outreach!)

Featuring Original Watercolor Artwork from Jolley Tales on every Notecard ~ These are delightful to personally use and also are a unique and thoughtful gift!


Five Different Notecard Sets --     Just $5 each!



Each Set contains 8 uniquely designed cards ~ Whimsical and Sweet ~ These are PERFECT GIFTS FOR LADIES MEETINGS!! Custom Orders Available! Message for details!




**Get Well

**Thank You


**Scripture Assortment

Lydia is joined by her daughters in beautiful harmony in one of her newest songs with such a needed reminder.

This song has been a source of encouragement and has a strong message of hope and aspiration for every Christian.

"One Thing Is Needful" is also one of the featured songs on their newest album: Serving Our Lord.


Recent Ladies' Devotionals

Beauty From Brokenness

This song was written by Lydia at a time in her life when her dreams lay shattered at her feet. In the midst of her personal heartache and tragedy, she penned the words from a broken heart -- this powerful message was just a promise, a hope, and a thread to cling to.                 

Twenty years later, her story is one of hope and inspiration as she has truly seen the Lord give her "beauty from the ashes." 

She continues to see the words of this song being fulfilled and her desire is to give back to others who are hurting. 


God is Faithful -- His mercies are new every morning!   He is truly able to give us beauty from our brokenness.  

He can take our shattered hopes and dreams and weave a beautiful tapestry of mercy and grace for all to see.

Enjoy this beautiful lyrics video and Lydia would appreciate your sharing with anyone who might be hurting or in a great trial of their faith.



Our church is blessed to be able to hear Sister Riley and her family sing regularly.  Not only is her music Christ honoring and ministers to the spirit of the hearers, her life reflects the Lord she loves and about whom she sings.  Through the seasons of life, she has been faithful to the Lord and her songs were born from those seasons.  You will be able to relate to her sorrows and joys and the growing affection for Christ that comes from experiencing His faithfulness in the seasons of life.  The words of her songs will both cheer you and challenge you; move you to tears and elicit joy in the Lord.  I wholeheartedly and with joy recommend this work for the Lord to everyone."

What a refreshing joy it is to hear original songs that are biblical, encouraging and convicting. Lydia Riley has weathered some of life's most cruel and painful storms, but with God's help has turned them into a source of inspiration for comfort and solace. I highly recommend these beautiful, heartfelt songs that highlight the unique sounds of tight family harmony as well as the amazing and healing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We have known Lydia Riley for many years, and are excited that she is now making her music available to others. Not only does her music honor The Lord, but her life has consistently been a testimony of God's faithfulness. Whether you are new to Seasons of Life Publications, or a friend of the Riley family for many years, we know you will be uplifted and encouraged with any and all of their publications!

Bro. Adriel Payne

Calvary Baptist Church

Dundalk, MD

Pastor Stacey Shiflett

Calvary Baptist Church

Dundalk, MD

Pastor Bill South

Pleasant View Baptist Church

Taylors, SC

My wife and I Pastored Lydia through her teens and young adulthood. We witnessed her dedicate her life to our Lord. She is a talented young woman and we wish her God’s best in her future.

Bro. Larry and Norma Raynes

Taylors, SC

Thank you, thank you sweet friend.  Couldn't have come at a better time.

May the Lord continue to bless you with songs for the saints who are weary or just need to be reminded of His purpose and love. 

I know for sure this will be an encouragement to press on and help keep our focus on Him! 

Well done my friend, well done.

Mrs. Beverley Wells

Pastor's Wife

Pageland, SC 

So encouraging! Thank you for sharing your heart, your talents, and your friendship.  What a sweet testimony of grace you and your family are.  I love you all!! 

Mrs. Cindy Cothran

Faithful Church Member

Pleasant View Baptist Church

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