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Jesus desires "One Thing"

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

As a Christian, there are special times in our lives when one message completely changes us, where God shows us things and teaches us lessons we will never get over. Such is the case with a message my pastor preached last summer — it was his final point and the Lord got ahold of my heart with a message that will not let me go. I’ve been saved for over 40 years, and this simple thought has forever changed me. The story is so very familiar, from a passage I have cherished and heard throughout my life as a believer, and yet somehow the Lord worked within my heart in such a powerful and divine way.

In Luke’s account, we have the story of Mary—the one who loved Jesus with every fiber of her being. Her sister Martha is busy serving, also a necessary act and a way of showing her love to the Saviour. And yet, when Martha tries to get their Lord to reprimand her sister — Jesus states something so simple, and yet so profound—”one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

Jesus knew that he was soon to go to Calvary — He yearned for someone to sit and listen to Him, for someone to just take the time to be WITH him during His final hours on this earth. Someone to just BE THERE for Him, a friend that would just spend time with Him and listen. Mary was the only one who seemed to be in tune with these deep emotions, choosing to stop everything in her life and just sit at His feet and hear His Word. Jesus refused to take this “good thing” away from her and commended her with His words of love and approval.

Of all the things that we can do and say and be for the Lord — this is the ONE THING that Jesus chooses to state is NEEDFUL - absolutely essential if everything else is to be left undone— the ONE THING that is truly important when we get to the end of our day, and even to the end of our lives — the ONE THING that Jesus says will really matter — the TIME SPENT WITH OUR LORD.

“How often do we end up being so busy “doing things” to show our love for God—but don’t spend time WITH Him?? Yes, we need to be busy showing mercy, and loving our neighbor, but don’t get so busy that we neglect to spend time with the Lord. Urgent things tend to get in the way of important things. We can get so busy working that we become distracted to the one thing that is truly needed. Jesus wants someone to listen to Him. The Lord wants someone to talk to. There is balance in the Christian Life - you're not wasting time spending time with God. To sit and spend time with God is not wasted time; this is the NEEDFUL thing.” (Quotations are taken from my personal sermon notes from Pastor Bill South’s message on 8/8/21 “Lessons Learned”)

The Psalmist also states a similar thought when he declares “One thing have I desired of the LORD …” — DWELLING in His presence, BEHOLDING His beauty, ENQUIRING in His temple. David also knew the great value of this “One Thing” — spending time with God!

Visit the homepage to download the song the Lord gave me with tears about this thought "One Thing Is Needful" (joined by my daughters Cherith and Bethany Riley in trio harmony) ... my prayer is for the Lord to use this message in song to compel His children to simply spend time with Him. ~ Lydia

Written by request for the Highly Favoured Life "Prayer" Devotional Book -- order from or visit
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